Digital media in brand positioning

We see every day how brands make efforts to continue to position themselves in the minds of consumers and how the competition to achieve this place in consumers is increasingly aggressive. Within digital marketing, we have different tools that help us efficiently allocate resources for this purpose.

Digital Media:

Many times customers ask us: Are we going with Facebook or Google? Channel shot in Premium media or YouTube video? The question arises: What are the appropriate means to achieve brand positioning? The answer is based on the positioning objectives you have.

There are several factors to analyze when using the different media:

Target: We must define very clearly the target audience to which we are addressing, it is not the same to address an audience of 18-24 years as that of 25-35 years, as well as audiences of different genders and demographic segmentation, each of these By having a different use of digital media, the strategy must be adapted to said interaction behavior.

Timing: The right time to communicate with this audience, this variable is as important as the first. A campaign should not be launched without considering the best times in which our target audience is interacting the most with the medium that has been chosen. While it is true that most of the time they are “Online” the moment of impact is crucial.

Message: The tone of communication can be the success factor of our campaign, it is very important that the way we are communicating with our audience is appropriate, because if it is not, there will not be the connection that we seek so much between the brand and the consumer.

Budget: having the right investment for the campaign objectives, at this point is where many clients suffer because they think that digital is a cheap medium and that it is possible to have a lot of reach with a small budget, when digital media are not cheap but efficient.

Once we have these well defined variables we can establish our media plan for our campaign. It is very important that all the actions that are carried out must have a follow-up support in digital analytics, in order to have a correct attribution of the results and that we can carry out an analysis in order to make the media efficient and profitable.