Cleaning Service Startup

This startup seeks to bring domestic workers closer to potential clients who seek cleaning services for their homes by the hour. In this way, the hiring of these services is dynamized, generating a profit for employees and solving a very common need in society.

  • This analysis included consumer behavior with digital media, according to the affinity of the target, an evaluation of the competitors and the products that the client sought to have a higher inventory turnover. For this, it was based on the data that could be extracted from different analysis platforms that helped us achieve the best possible result. reaching consumers.

The Analysis


A strategy was proposed that had to be oriented to the sale of the different brands and models that the client was willing to sell, with this we sought to find the profiling of audiences according to the characteristics of each of the products, the task was not It was not easy at all because many variables were considered to make the strategy effective according to what was needed by the client.

This allowed the workers to be involved in the job instead of feeling like they had been made redundant by technology.


As a result, the client can increase his sales, thanks to the service offered considering the range of products he had to offer to his clients, in this way obtaining improvements in his commercial results and therefore in an improvement in his business profitability.